Heavy-Duty Magnet Clamp Clip by Wireless ProTECH

Wireless ProTech

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Product Overview

This Heavy-Duty Clamp clip is designed to keep your phone attached to your person by sealing magnetically with the help of 4 powerful N45 Neodymium Magnets. 

The Clip attaches to any phone smooth phone case with the aid of the provided heavy-duty double sided tape, smooth surface required.

The Clip will avoid getting caught on unwanted surfaces with the raised center bevel.

The Heavy-Duty Clamp Clip’s TPU construction boasts flexibility and reliability at every bend.

The clip’s enhanced grip design makes sure it stays on tight and doesn’t fall off when in distressful situations.

Additionally, with a hexagonal cut out in the center of the clip, it allows space for a zipper for any uniform fit.

Do away with additional gear on your belt and stay light by keeping your phone at chest height. The matte finish keeps your phone sleek and in uniform. By Wireless ProTECH.

Warranty Information

1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review